After a hugely successful international expansion, Manchester-based recruitment agency, Oakwell Hampton has surpassed its three-year target to diversify the business, six months ahead of schedule. Off the back of the pandemic in 2020, the tech and digital recruiter made the decision to shift business focus from the UK to widen the remit across European hotspots and the USA.

Managing Director Indi Pahl explained: “At the start of 2020 we were a 100 per cent UK business and we realised that to counter economic uncertainty, we needed to diversify our client portfolio. We saw the opportunity across international markets as our natural next step. We had said that we wanted 75 per cent of our revenue to come from international business and 25 per cent from the UK.

“Whilst ensuring the UK business has continued to grow from strength to strength, we’re really pleased to see that our international teams have mirrored that success.”

As a result, Oakwell Hampton has enjoyed Year on Year turnover increase, Year on Year revenue increase, and continued headcount growth.

“We’re delighted to have achieved the plan,” continued Pahl. “It was imperative that as a business, we made that step forward – I can’t speak highly enough of everyone in the business, they have all played their part in achieving this. We’re delighted to now have four well-performing divisions across the UK, USA, Germany and Holland. The pandemic slowed us down of course, but it has shone an even brighter light on the need to diversify into the international markets.

“It is also worth highlighting that the UK division is performing brilliantly though and was our top performing division across 2022 – proving that there’s life in that dog yet!”

Having hit the first milestone in the company’s strategic growth plans, the team are now focused on their next challenge to increase their contract presence to account for 50 per cent of total business revenue by the end of 2025.

With international growth comes more opportunity. Oakwell Hampton now has more major international clients that they can service in different areas of the world, enabling them to offer their team different opportunities to build their careers.

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