Recent research from Cisco AppDynamics has revealed the importance that job seekers and employees are attaching to digital experiences as the search for talent is intensifying in many industries.

97 per cent of people state it is important that the applications they use to find and apply for jobs provide a fast and seamless experience, without any delays or disruption. And 64 per cent claim that if these applications fail to perform, it puts them off working for the employer in question.

The average person now uses a total of six applications or digital services when looking for or applying for a new job – and this increases to eight in the US and nine in India. The most heavily used digital services are job sites, social media platforms, employer websites and employer review sites. And most people looking for a job use at least one of these services daily.

Expectations for digital experiences have soared over the past few years as people across the world have increasingly relied on the convenience and flexibility that applications and digital services provide in almost every aspect of their lives. At the same time, reactions when people encounter issues with these applications have strengthened.

73 per cent of people admit that if the applications they were using to find and apply for a new job didn’t perform properly, it would leave them feeling anxious and angry. Job seekers have zero tolerance for poorly performing applications and digital services – in fact, as many as 51 per cent state that potential employers have only one shot to impress them with their digital services.

In an intensely competitive labor market, there are no second chances for employers – the first sign of a problem when using an application or digital services and many job seekers will immediately walk away.

The research, conducted among more than 12,000 consumers in 12 countries, highlights how digital experience has become a key consideration for people when they’re investigating new job opportunities. 78 per cent of people report they want to work for an employer that provides seamless digital experiences throughout the recruitment process.

Significantly, the research reveals huge upsides for employers that can deliver high performing applications and digital services to both existing and potential employees. 51 per cent of people claim they’re more likely to choose an employer who provides great and seamless digital experiences, 33 per cent report they’re more likely to talk positively about the employer and 31 per cent state they’re more likely to stay with that employer.

Evidently, employers need to ensure that they are providing prospective employees with a fast and seamless experience when they are engaging with their brand through all digital channels – whether that is a recruitment section on their websites or through email and messaging tools that follow the process. This is now a fundamental aspect of building an attractive employer brand.


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