Stiint-it, Pronounced (“stint it”), has launched a pioneering white-label technology platform that gives companies unprecedented access to a global talent pool via a customised recruitment interface and dashboard or private label. The solution comes in response to the fast-changing recruitment landscape which puts more power into the hands of job seekers. The latest research shows that by 2030, 70% of all professionals will earn their income via on-demand work. In a gig economy, skills and experience are the most valuable commodities.

Stiint-it uberises recruitment by giving employers access to fully vetted and verified talent across the globe, filtered to 100% match the job or contract requirements. The skills-matching platform is the world’s most accurate collective of fully verified professionals. And once matched, anonymous candidates have to opt-in to release their details which removes bias and prioritises skills and experience above all else. Candidates remain in full control of their data and interactions on the platform, and fully vetted profiles act as a dynamic curriculum vitae (CV) or ongoing career track record where each new entry is automatically verified as soon as it is added.

Stiint-it also changes recruitment from a cost centre into a profit-generating business asset via a revolutionary circular revenue model. Ultimately, private labels earn money from largely under-utilised databases, and candidates are rewarded each time their profile is unlocked. As a result, candidates are incentivised to sign up.

“Existing recruitment platforms have democratised access to candidates,” says Lino Brogneri, Founder and CEO of Stiint-it. “We’re taking this a step further by giving users access to fully verified information only. The current cost of misinformation and misalignment in recruitment is in the billions of dollars. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that the data on the platform is true and accurate.”

Added Brogneri, “Stiint-it removes traditional barriers to give both candidates and employers exactly what they want. It eradicates guesswork and waste from the recruitment process.”

Representing the next generation of recruitment, Stiint-it enables all the players in the market to join forces, pool influence, and profit from the power of community.


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