Talent intelligence specialist, Wilbury Stratton, has today launched a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind on-demand service empowering organisations to streamline their recruitment process with the latest industry insights and data.

The online portal, Wilbury On Demand, provides users with in-depth analysis across a comprehensive range of markets, enabling them to find and attract the strongest talent. With competition for top-level talent remaining fierce in 2023, Wilbury Stratton launched the unique on-demand service to support their clients’ direct sourcing model.

Founded in 2010, Wilbury Stratton is a talent intelligence organisation which provides companies with insights to empower them to make the most informed decisions when recruiting, providing proprietary research to more than a third of the FTSE 100.

Giving users an edge against competitors, Wilbury On Demand provides access to tailor-made datasets which cover any target company, industry, or market. The solution supports Wilbury Stratton’s clients with not only real time access to their chosen talent landscape, but also access to a dedicated research team.

The data is continuously updated by Wilbury Stratton, meaning clients receive the latest executive moves, diversity and tenure stats, and other talent insights and analytics pertinent to their sector. The organisational mapping also provides constantly updated data on a company’s gender and diversity split, as well as calculating the average level of employees and their length of service.

Additionally, Wilbury On Demand allows users to fine-tune searches for talent, allowing them to search for targets in specific industries, locations, and also based on their level, career experience, and gender. The on-demand service also allows the creation of a project pipeline where clients can keep track of candidates that are engaged with from the start of the recruitment process to its finish, as well as allowing users to carry out succession planning across their operations.

The on-demand platform turns the executive search model on its head. With clients paying a monthly subscription model instead of placement fees, Wilbury Strattons client not only have access to the real-time data but can hire as many people as they like for a simple monthly cost.

Alex Cheney, director at Wilbury Stratton, commented: “It’s amazing to launch an industry leading solution which has never been seen before, and it pays homage to the innovative approach which drives Wilbury Stratton forward every single day. If we want to work with the best, we have to match that ambition and be the best, and Wilbury On Demand ticks all the boxes by offering a revolutionary and unique service which you cannot get anywhere else.

“In a highly competitive market, Wilbury On Demand is a valuable tool which can help all organisations supercharge their recruitment efforts, allowing them to attract and retain the strongest talent who will help drive their business forward into the future.”

Operating a high-performance operation across the globe, Wilbury Stratton employs 50 staff across offices in Brighton, London, New York, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

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