Vacancysoft, the leading labour analytics firm for the UK market is expanding its team in Ukraine. The company has had a small team in Ukraine since 2019 and has used outsourcing firms in Lviv going back to 2007, where it is now looking to scale up its Ukrainian operation due to increased demand within the UK.

First incorporated in 2007, the company monitors websites posting jobs and uses AI to convert URLs into structured data, which powers its labour market reporting and is widely used by the leading staffing firms. Overall 40 of the top 50 global staffing firms use Vacancysoft in the UK.

“The talent pool in Ukraine is composed of highly educated, skilled and hard-working people, which makes this decision an easy one,” said James Chaplin – CEO at Vacancysoft. “We are happy to invest in Ukraine and will continue to do so.”

The business continues to operate teams in Warsaw, Poland as well as London, UK, equally with this, the Lviv operation will now be the biggest team overall by headcount for the first time.

Iryna Khashchina – CTO at Vacancysoft – comments: “It was a challenge to set up the Ukraine operation at first, due to the fact we did it during lockdown at the peak of the pandemic! Nonetheless, the success of the team is a tribute to their determination and am delighted the business has made this decision to invest further.”

Looking ahead the company is getting increased requests to provide data sets globally, so this will drive the next phase of the company’s growth going forward which will translate into further hiring in Ukraine too.

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