Indeed Flex, the online staffing platform for temporary work, has launched Same Day Pay to give workers total flexibility over when they get paid. Indeed Flex already pays its staff – known as Flexers – at the end of each working week, but they can now opt to get up to 50 per cent of what they’ve earned each time they complete a shift.

This new benefit for Flexers is being provided thanks to Indeed Flex’s partnership with third-party provider FlexEarn, a tool dedicated to helping employers give their staff immediate access to the wages they’ve earned.

To access their earnings, Flexers use the FlexEarn app to select what amount of their pay they want to receive. They can then access earnings from the shift they have just completed, as well as from any of the previous days they worked in that week. Research by Indeed Flex found that of workers who are paid monthly, 38 per cent would like the option of being paid more regularly.

Novo Constare, CEO and Co-founder of Indeed Flex, said: “People using Indeed Flex work where they want, when they want – and now they can get paid when they want too. Flexibility sits at the core of Indeed Flex, and that’s why we’re giving workers the opportunity to access their earnings as and when they need to.

“Having the option to receive an advance on your earnings makes it easier to budget and gives you the reassurance that you can meet the unexpected costs that life sometimes throws up – such as car repairs or replacing broken household items – more easily.”

The launch of Same Day Pay comes after Indeed Flex’s successful trial of Next Day Pay, a pilot that enabled workers to access earnings from the previous day.

Aaron Birks, aged 29, who signed up to Indeed Flex in 2016 and works regular hospitality shifts, said: “I think Same Day Pay sounds great, and even better than Next Day Pay. Basically it’s like working and earning on demand – every time you work a shift, you can get half the money straight away.

“Being able to access your pay whenever you need to makes it easier to control your finances and keep on top of your bills. Knowing that you have this option will remove a lot of stress and anxiety around money, and I think it’s a great addition to the Indeed Flex app.”

Jonathan David, CEO at FlexEarn, comments: “We’re thrilled to have partnered with Indeed Flex on this brand-new feature. Both companies share a common vision of revolutionising the future of work through innovative solutions, and Same Day Pay is a prime example of how we are empowering workers with greater financial flexibility and control over their earnings.”

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