Recruiter Moves, the unique platform which brings together recruitment high-flyers with market leading recruitment agencies has launched. The site offers the chance for recruitment agencies to present their employer brand and employee value proposition to promote themselves as best in class, in order to attract talent that matches with their ambition, benefits and culture.

The platform provides an opportunity for recruiters to find their next move, and for recruitment agencies to take their own talent search to the next level. A filtered search enables the user to shortlist and pre-qualify agencies they are attracted to and then make contact to take the conversation forward.

“Recruiter Moves lets recruitment agencies promote themselves as best in class,” explains Gary King, founder of Recruiter Moves and publisher of The Global Recruiter magazine. “We give companies complete control over how they want to present themselves and a great platform which maximises interaction between the company and the talent they want to attract.”

With over 20 years experience in the staffing industry, King has pioneered publishing for the recruitment industry as well as bringing market-leading innovative events to the sector. In each case the emphasis has been on enabling recruiters and recruitment agencies to do more, to do better and to fulfil their potential. As such Recruiter Moves was an obvious next step solution.

“We’re here to make it easier for recruitment agencies to find the talent they need and for great recruiters to find their next move,” he said. “We all know finding, attracting and keeping great talent has become harder in recent times. We believe by creating a place where everyone can show what they’re capable of and what they have to offer will enable individuals and businesses to make massive steps forward. Recruitment success is all about putting the right person in the right place and Recruiter Moves is the way the recruitment industry can do that for itself.”

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