Welcome to the Jungle, the leading French employer branding and recruitment platform, has announced the acquisition of London-based Otta, the candidate-first job search platform.

Following the move, the Otta brand will continue to operate, working with some of the world’s leading brands and almost two million job seekers across the UK, USA and EU as the go-to tech and startups jobs platform. Otta co-founders, Sam Franklin, Theo Margolius and Xav Kearney will remain part of the organisation.

The strategic investment to acquire Otta will further Welcome to the Jungle as the preeminent employer branding solution. By leveraging their combined expertise in employer branding, job search and candidate sourcing solutions, Welcome to the Jungle is building the leading platform to help candidates and companies find each other faster and more efficiently.

Welcome to the Jungle currently works to increase the visibility of 5,500 businesses to almost three million active workers across France and Czech Republic by enhancing their employer brand and enabling them to offer a seamless recruitment experience to their candidates and recruiters.

The business which launched in 2015 employs more than 300 people and announced its Series C fundraise of $54m in early 2023 with participation from Cipio, Blisce and Revaia, among others.

“I’m thrilled that Otta is joining Welcome to the Jungle,” said Jérémy Clédat, co-founder and CEO at Welcome to the Jungle. “We both uniquely believe in a future of work based on the power of matching and share the same DNA that disrupts market conventions, from our branding to our obsession for helping people find meaning through their work. I can’t wait to build the best of employer branding and sourcing solutions and make a very compelling and unique offer for our clients.”

Sam Franklin, co-founder and CEO at Otta added: “We started Otta in 2019 to make job search less soul-crushing, and build an incredible candidate-first product. We’ve delivered a lot of impact so far, including 6M applications made on Otta in 2023 sent to 10,000 companies. I’m excited for our future within Welcome to the Jungle. We think it’s a great combination culturally, and we share a common mission to build a better future for job seekers.”

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