A survey by leadership experts Right Management has found one in ten British workers would not question the quality of leadership in any given scenario, including when there is an abuse of power, passive aggressive behaviour, micromanagement, or poor treatment of a fellow colleague.

The research also found that 12 per cent of British workers would not question the actions of their leaders in any scenario. Alarmingly, a similar number of leaders themselves (13 per cent) would not question the quality of their own leadership in any scenario.

The survey of 2,046 people across the UK, including 1,793 employees and 253 business leaders, finds that building trust (33 per cent), communicating with impact (21 per cent), and inspiring passion (20 per cent) are the top three behaviours that most people associate with an impactful leader.

“Trust works both ways, so it’s concerning that ten percent of workers aren’t willing to challenge poor leadership behaviours whatsoever,” says Lorraine Mills, principal consultant at Right Management. “And how can leaders effectively build trust when one in every ten isn’t willing to question their own leadership style? Although they’re in the minority overall, any apathy towards leadership can have a detrimental impact on a workplace culture and the overall potential of an organisation.”

Right Management has previously found that 84 per cent of organisations anticipate a shortfall in leaders in the next five years, while more than half (58 per cent) of organisations say their top priority is to close this leadership skills gap.

“Regardless of the industry its operating in, a good business will drive a feedback culture, empowering employees to notice and highlight questionable behaviours at any level,” adds Lorraine. “A shortage of leaders is not an excuse for poor management to flourish and if anything, those companies lacking or struggling to recruit senior leaders must make even greater efforts to  encourage a workplace of openness and transparency.”

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