Led by Jo Perrotta, who has 22 years of marketing experience, and 18 of those in the recruitment sector, the niche recruitment marketing specialist is going from strength-to-strength.

The Marmalade Marketing team boasts a collective hundred years in recruitment marketing, technology, content strategy and building powerful recruitment brands.

The team of 11, consisting of account managers, technology experts, social media specialists, content writers and designers, has grown organically and produces a remarkable amount of work each day for their clients, ultimately supporting respective monthly and quarterly strategic outcomes.

Jo says: “Starting a business with a credit card, a laptop and a mobile phone is indeed a challenge, especially with two young children to care for. When starting Marmalade, I didn’t quite know what I’d set myself up for. Flexibility soon went out of the window and my kids got used to after school and holiday clubs.”

After a year of flying solo Jo made her the first hire in Leah Brotherton, who has now worked at Marmalade Marketing for five years, bringing 13 years of recruitment and marketing experience to drive the vision of the business forward.

Marmalade Marketing now has another senior team member, Claudia De la Cruz. Jo says: “Several members of the Marmalade Marketing team had previously worked with Claudia and her reputation preceded her. Having grown our technical solutions and services over the past six years, a senior hire was needed to drive this part of the business and I feel incredibly lucky that Claudia agreed to join us.”

Jo continues: “We’ve made another couple of key hires and the core team are dedicated to delivering strategic and tactical marketing, ensuring the best possible performance for our clients. We like to experiment as a team, delivering cutting-edge content, fresh social media strategies and corporate collateral, whilst always challenging and exciting our clients”.

“Marmalade Marketing has worked with hundreds of clients over the years but it feels like we’ve just started out. We’ve kept the resilience of a start-up, and nothing is off limits. We’ve now made some big investments to further strengthen the business”.

Ultimately, Jo & the Marmalade Marketing team share a buzz of excitement at the bright future for the business, whilst maintaining the integral ahead-of-the-curve knowledge, skill and dedication for which Marmalade Marketing is now known.

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