The Institute of Job Aggregators (IJA) launches to support, grow, and drive change with the leading players across the global job aggregator industry. The new institute has been launched with the support of leading minds in the recruitment and technology industry and will be chaired by former CEO of Jobsite, Mike Wall. 

Job Aggregators have become a vital tool for driving candidate traffic to job boards and recruitment agencies throughout the world. They have been a key part of the industry for over 20 years with over 400 aggregators, job trackers and programmatic businesses working in over 100 countries across the globe. 

The industry’s lifeblood is job seeker traffic and in a world of ever-advancing AI and bots running rampant across the internet, it is vital that this traffic is validated, and the quality is monitored. As a multi-billion-pound industry and such a key part of global recruitment, it is essential that this specialised sector is kept credible, and transparent and that the leading players support each other to maintain, grow and reassure clients. 

This was the inspiration behind the IJA, an industry voice that works with industry leaders to ensure that together the sector is stronger. Leading firms in the sector will work closely with the IJA to ensure quality of service and all institute members must meet strict criteria to join. 

The institute will offer member access to their leading industry peer group, discounts and benefits, new trends and technologies and will help grow the reputation of the industry and help build brand exposure.  

A recent survey commissioned by the IJA showed that only 13 per cent of jobseekers understood the difference between a job site and a job aggregator and the institute is keen to also raise the awareness and importance of aggregators to jobseekers as well as the industry as a whole. 

Mike Wall, Chair of the IJA, commented: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the IJA to the global recruitment industry. We believe this multi-billion-pound industry needs an independent body to support, drive change, and build credibility in this sector.  

“As AI becomes more prevalent and bots continue to expand their reach across the internet it is vital that the leading players in the industry have a voice to support them and help show clients and jobseekers which sites are credible and monitor quality and offer validated traffic,” he concluded.

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