Specialist Staffing Group has announced the appointment of Matt McManus as its new President based in Houston Texas. With almost three decades of unrivalled experience in staffing and talent sourcing, Matt brings an impressive track record to his new role, which includes more than six years working with Specialist Staffing Group in the US. As President, Matt will be tasked with growing the STEM-specialist staffing Group within the US market , as well as across the Americas.

On accepting his new role Matt McManus stated: “It is an honour to accept the position of President of Specialist Staffing Group. I am deeply privileged to align myself with a group that persistently expands the scope of possibility within our sector. The Group, with its unwavering commitment to growth, has been instrumental in reshaping STEM industries, enhancing livelihoods, and is continuously committed to sculpting a brighter future. As I undertake this leadership role, I emphatically encourage our team to embrace innovative technologies and concepts, cultivating a culture that fuels creativity, fosters innovation, and emboldens ambition.”

With 28 years of rich experience in business leadership, Matt is a fervent advocate for digital transformation and organisational success. Formerly the Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations at Specialist Staffing Group’s parent company SThree, he was a catalyst for change, working closely with the Executive Leadership team to develop a comprehensive business transformation plan that is currently being executed.

Prior to this role, he served as President of Progressive Recruitment, a global engineering staffing business within Specialist Staffing Group. During his tenure, the company experienced remarkable growth and solidified its standing as a premier provider of specialised staffing solutions in diverse sectors such as renewable energy, food and beverage manufacturing, and oil and gas.

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