Following on from its US expansion, technology-driven relocation services provider, Jobbatical, has now launched its automated relocation platform for the UK market. This follows regulatory approval from the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide immigration services in the UK.

Jobbatical’s UK operations will be headed up by Adarsh Girijadevi, a leading UK immigration expert, qualified Solicitor and OISC Level 3 adviser: “Amidst the global talent shortage, upgrading the visa and relocation process for companies is long overdue. Jobbatical has built the most advanced platform and automation that I have seen throughout my career and I’m excited to introduce this to the UK,” Girijadevi comments.

Jobbatical aims to make it faster and less expensive to move talent from one country to another by automating the most labour-intensive parts of the relocation process. Through an effective offering combining high-end technology and in-house, local immigration experts, the company streamlines the employer licence application and employee visa and permit application form, as well as facilitating fast information exchange between employers and employees and providing personal employee relocation.

This holistic offering helps both businesses and workers navigate the challenges of relocating internationally in order to unlock global talent and drive growth.

Karoli Hindriks, CEO and co-founder of Jobbatical, says that Jobbatical’s combination of technology and immigration expertise is essential to digitise an archaic migration system that hasn’t kept up with where in the world top talent is coming from:

“Since it introduced its point-based immigration system, the UK has seen a big boost in skilled workers from countries like the Philippines, India and Nigeria – countries brimming with talent that UK companies need to compete.

“But skilled migration is still a world-away from where it should be,” Hindriks says. “It’s taking some business leaders months to muddle through the unnecessary bureaucracy and burden of relocation; this puts many off from even thinking about hiring internationally or offering relocation as an option for existing employees in other countries.”

As the UK issues 145,000 work visas annually, with an average visa case taking 10 to 12 hours to process, almost 200,000 working days are spent on employment visa cases in the UK each year. Jobbatical’s automation saves over half the man-hours of a typical visa case.

“Our platform reduces manual application creation effort by nine hours per case and reduces data input effort for new employees by 15-20 percent. Meanwhile, our automation helps us be three times better priced than traditional relocation consultants or immigration lawyers,” continues Hindriks. “Relocation is often a nerve-racking process, fragmented between different web pages, written forms, and sticky notes, but with our platform, we take the drama out of it and give businesses an overview in one single place.”

Already used by the likes of N26, Personio, TravelPerk and Twilio, with the launch of its automated relocation services for the UK market Jobbatical aims to make hiring from abroad as easy as hiring locally.

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