Gravitas Recruitment Group has secured the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award for the third consecutive year. This year’s recognition is centred around Gravitas’ Senior Consultant Development programme, including a rigorous evaluation process, an assessment visit to validate evidence, and interviews with participants who have first-hand experience of the programme’s impact.

City & Guilds’ prestigious HRH Princess Royal Training Awards recognises employers who display exceptional dedication and invest in training and development for their people. As skills shortages escalate, and job vacancies double across the United Kingdom and Ireland, the significance of engaging learning programmes, for cultivating and retaining talent, is a lot more pronounced.

Gravitas emerged as one of only 53 recipients throughout the UK, successfully awarded a Princess Royal Training Award in 2023. Notably, the company also stands as the sole recruitment agency to secure this award for three consecutive rounds of submissions, (spanning a total of nine years accreditation) showcasing its leadership in training and development within the recruitment realm. Gravitas’ dedication to nurturing talent and commitment to supporting professionals throughout their entire career journey is underscored and widely acknowledged through their 2017 & 2020 accreditations showcasing their entry-level training programme, and their latest 2023 award showcasing the Senior Consultant Development Programme.

Kurt Schreurs, CEO of Gravitas Recruitment Group, said “We are incredibly honoured to receive the Princess Royal Training Award for the third consecutive year. This recognition is a testament to the unwavering commitment of our dedicated L&D and senior Talent Management teams, showcasing their transformative impact. As we continue this journey, we are committed to prioritising our people development to further solidify our reputation as leaders in learning and development within the recruitment industry. This aligns with our purpose of crafting solutions that empower our employees’ ambitions, fostering fulfilling long-term careers, while promoting excellence within our wider industry.”

As the wider landscape of learning and development continues to evolve, key trends for 2023 have emerged, including a heightened emphasis on skills enhancement for swift recovery and adaptability, along with the noteworthy effects of investing in leadership and management. These trends, particularly relevant to the recruitment industry, illustrate the ever-changing paradigms of training and professional advancement. For Gravitas: “This award strengthens our resolve to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence, empowering our people to excel and adapt in an ever-evolving business landscape,” adds Kurt.

Gravitas have also been named as finalists within the coveted Global Recruiter Best In-House Training Award, alongside other category nominations, acknowledging the programme as one of the best within the recruitment industry.

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