The time is right. This is your chance to show the industry what great really looks like – yes, it’s time for The Global Recruiter Industry Awards 2023.

We’ve opened for entries across 17 award categories, carefully chosen and defined to ensure every part of the recruitment industry is able to demonstrate how effective, efficient and valuable its work has been for the country. From the general awards highlighting best recruitment company, to more specific areas such as best use of social media and best ED&I strategy, these really are the industry awards – set by and judged by experts who know what it takes to stand out from the crowd and what it takes to deliver exceptional work in this sector.

Entering yourself and/or your business for a Global Recruiter Award couldn’t be easier. Simply go to and register. You can return to your application as many times as you like, adding to a honing the message you need the judges to hear. You can send additional material too, but you have until 30 June to finish your entry.

You can also enter as many categories as you wish according to the nature of your business. So if you’ve been innovative, if you have an overseas operation and if your marketing campaign has been second to none you can enter all those categories – AND the best recruitment company that suits your size.

Remember The Global Recruiter UK Awards carry now entry charge and unless you’re entering the best newcomer or start-up there’s no bias towards new businesses or established older recruitment companies.

We’re only ever interested in what’s successful, valuable and industry leading.

So get stuck in and make your mark. Success isn’t just an award at a fabulous party (although that’s part of it) it’s also about attracting new business and the best talent to drive your own business forward.

Good Luck and See You At The Party!

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