A new survey by Preply has revealed that 46 per cent of workers are not motivated by motivational phrases in the workplace while 53 per cent of those surveyed saying they would never use a motivational quote in their everyday lives.

According to those surveyed, almost half of those would not be motivated by a motivational phrase with “Do the impossible” being the least motivating (57 per cent). This is followed by “The sky’s the limit” and “Keep calm and carry on” both with 54 per cent stating they wouldn’t be motivated by these phrases.

But not all phrases are ineffective, getting straight to the point, “Keep up the good work” is the most motivating phrase (58 per cent). It’s clear and direct, recognises the effort put into a job and motivates a team member to continue with their work. Similarly, goal focused phrases take second and third place for motivational with “You can do this” (55 per cent) and “Don’t give up” and “Go for it” at 53 per cent, deemed as motivational.

Millennials are the most responsive to motivational phrases, with the 25 – 35 demographic taking the lead for most motivated across all phrases, with an average of 60 per cent being motivated by these phrases. Over 55s are the least motivated by these phrases with 52 per cent on average of this demographic not being motivated at all by these phrases.

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