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Recruitment and Employment Technology Company, CareerWallet has published a Global Workplace survey showing detailed trends and insights into the UK job market. The comprehensive global report provides crucial insights into what job seekers prioritise when seeking new positions, offering employers invaluable information in attracting top talent to their organisations.

Among the findings are the top seven factors that dissuade potential candidates from pursuing roles within companies. They are:

Bad Reviews Online (46 per cent): Negative online reviews were the top deterrent for nearly half of all job seekers, highlighting how important online reputation is for businesses.

Lack of Annual Leave (44 per cent): Nearly half of all job seekers said the amount of annual leave being offered was a key factor in applying for jobs.

Staff Incentives and Benefits (42 per cent): Limited or bad staff incentives and benefits was the third highest factor in stopping job seekers from applying showing the importance of offering comprehensive schemes to attract the best talent.

Morally Dubious Industries (32 per cent): A third of job seekers would not apply for a job in a morally dubious industry such as betting, tobacco or others showing the growing emphasis on ethical considerations in career choices.

No Hybrid Working (21 per cent): The absence of hybrid work arrangements is a key deterrent for candidates, reflecting the increasing demand for flexible work options in the modern workplace landscape.

No Sustainability Policy (19 per cent): The absence of a sustainability policy is a huge issue for millions of job seekers signalling the rising importance of environmental and social responsibility in corporate culture.

Outdated Sectors (18 per cent): Job seekers express reservations about sectors perceived as outdated highlighting the significance of innovation and adaptability in attracting top talent.

By understanding the factors influencing job seekers’ decisions, organisations can proactively address concerns and position themselves as employers of choice in the competitive job market landscape.

Craig Bines, CEO of The CareerWallet Group, commented, “At CareerWallet we process millions of jobs a day and this allows us to quickly see how the job market is being impacted on a daily basis.

“Our comprehensive survey highlights how in today’s dynamic job market, businesses need to consider multiple factors to attract the very best talent,” he added. “Annual leave and employee benefits have traditionally been important factors and now online reviews, hybrid work and even sustainability policies are essential to stay competitive in the competitive job market.”

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