Salt, a global authority in digital recruitment and talent, proudly unveils its latest location with the opening of a new office in Miami, Florida. This strategic move represents a significant step in Salt’s commitment to supporting the tech and digital ecosystem in one of North America’s most vibrant markets, putting the Miami tech hub as central to their strategy in connecting dynamic markets and fostering digital innovation.

As Miami emerges as a critical hub for digital growth and innovation, attracting businesses from metropolitan giants like New York, San Francisco, LA, and even Europe, Salt is ready to shape the future of talent in this dynamic ecosystem. As a recruitment partner for multinationals, emerging startups, or rapidly growing scale-ups, Salt’s offers a unique blend of talent insights and global expertise. Making Salt an invaluable partner for any company that’s growing or setting up in the area.

“Salt’s mission in Miami and across North America extends beyond traditional recruitment; it’s about being a cornerstone for digital innovation and growth. We’re here not just to fill positions but to build the teams that will be at the forefront of the digital revolution. Our new location in Miami is not just about geographical growth; it’s a testament to Salt’s agility in identifying and investing in growth areas.”

James Walsh, Managing Director, Salt North America

Salt, with offices already established in New York, Toronto and Brazil, is already positioned uniquely to support businesses as they navigate new markets within the city’s dynamic landscape. Offering comprehensive support and working with clients and candidates across the US and Canada, as well as being supported by their international team in Brazil.

“Our Miami office represents a strategic integration of our established North American operations with our expanding presence in Latin America. This leverages the strengths of our seasoned teams from Toronto and New York to São Paulo, creating a seamless North-South American synergy that caters to the digital transformation needs of the Miami market. Our collaborative approach reflects our commitment to the best opportunities for our clients and candidates to thrive in the digital era”

Lisa Crane, Commercial Director, Salt North America

With a proven track record of success across the American market, Salt’s venture into Miami further solidifies its dedication to excellence. By blending North American proficiency with Latin American vibrancy, Salt is set to revolutionize how companies and talent connect in the digital age

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