The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has launched a new online, interactive Learning Hub to help recruitment businesses manage staff training while also putting control of development into the hands of employees.

The new platform provides a smoother experience for delegates, offering access to all training documents, activities and latest course information in one place, allowing individuals greater autonomy over their career development. The Learning Hub also enables managers to monitor and review current training programmes to ensure team members are on track with development targets.

The tool is fully customisable, allowing staffing companies to create a unique experience for employees and new recruiters, providing a personalised touch to boost engagement.

“This new Learning Hub elevates the experience of delegates, equipping them with a tool to manage everything from reminders and document submission, to course content and tailored company messaging from their employer,” says Teri Etherington, head of talent development APSCo. “As more recruitment firms build their training programmes to support attraction and recruitment, having access to a dedicated, bespoke training platform that replicates their culture and values is critical. However, not all businesses have the capabilities in-house to manage this and the external tools available are generic and often irrelevant for the staffing sector.

“This platform has been created specifically for the recruitment sector and compliments our bespoke training programmes,” Etherington adds. “We review and update our courses annually and having this Hub allows APSCo members and those utilising APSCo training to access the most recent course documents and training information.”

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