Research from talent lifecycle management company Beamery, suggests over two thirds (68 per cent) of managers in the UK and the USA would like to see greater use of AI in the workplace, wile only 23 per cent are using AI in their role as a manager.

The new data suggests there is a disconnect between employee appetite for using AI in the workplace and its day-to-day usage – although a significant proportion of C-suite executives (91 per cent) felt AI should be used more in the workplace, which suggests more companies will accelerate the adoption of this technology.

This reflects data from Beamery’s Talent Index earlier this year, which found that 45 per cent of respondents were interested in receiving training in AI, but only 15 per cent confirmed they were currently offered this by their employer.

The new research, which surveyed more than 600 managers and C-suite executives in the UK & US, has been published in The Era Of Connectors: Transforming Middle Management In A Skills-First World – and explores the role of managers in a changing workplace. The report suggests that ‘middle managers’ are increasingly on the front line when it comes to addressing attraction, engagement and retention issues – and explores ways to empower managers so they are equipped to take on these challenges.

The report found that 82 per cent of managers felt that they have skill gaps in their teams – and 24 per cent felt they didn’t have a plan to address this problem. 29 per cent of managers surveyed were concerned about retaining great team members, with others expressing fears around upskilling staff (24 per cent) or attracting the right skills in the first place (18 per cent).

The report also found that, while they were generally supportive of the adoption of Generative AI in the workplace, C-suite leaders surveyed for the report did express concern around the implementation of AI in a business setting. Concerns included confidence in the results AI produces (32 per cent) and the ability of their employees to learn how to use it (30 per cent).

Abakar Saidov, CEO of Beamery commented: “Providing managers with the right AI-powered tools and insights, quickly, can dramatically improve business performance.

By powering useful and dynamic insights around employee skills and potential career paths, AI will allow managers to make better, more consistent, talent-related decisions – ultimately helping organisations to attract, engage, retain and grow the talent they need to be successful.”

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